Who wants a free present?

If you said “Me please!”, then perfect, because I’ve got one for you.

Nine years ago, I flew to San Francisco and found myself having a disconcertingly intimate experience with the good folks of TSA. I wrote a little song about it. It went viral. Every year I get requests to repost it, and I do, ’cause it still makes me smile. And I don’t know about you, but with the stress of holiday gift giving, parties, baking, and all that lovely *ahem* time with family, we could all use a bit of a laugh:

My gift to you: A free download of this holiday – er – classic. It’s yours, no strings attached, right here: https://www.roxicopland.com/tsasong/

Speaking of gifts: If you’re still searching for that perfect present for that special someone, you should know that I’ve added a couple of brand-new items to my online merch store. Specifically, I’ve added this year’s limited-edition Lullabies for the Worldly-Wise tour poster, and the super popular Red Hawk Tour Tees that were previously only available at live shows. There’s only one or two left in most sizes, so if you want to get your hands on one hustle on over. And don’t forget about the music – almost everything I’ve ever recorded is available in the online store, in vinyl, CD or digital download form. I can even sign albums or posters to the lucky gift-getter – there’s a space that says ‘note’ just before you check out, and if you write something along the lines of ‘Please sign the vinyl to Derek’ I will happily sign the vinyl to Derek. Or Janelle. Or Marcie. You get the idea. Then my elves and I (by which I mean myself and my duo of small, snorty canine companions) will lovingly pack up your items and ship them off to their new homes. Voila! You give a cool, unique gift AND support independent music all at the same time! Way to go, you!

That’s it for now. I’m off to become more acquainted with the Christmas cookie platter on our coffee table.

Happy holidays, y’all. May they bring you joy (and lots of laughs).


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