Want to help pick the next tour tee?

Ok I know it’s been a while. I’ve been holed up in Texas playing shows and writing some new songs (yay!), and I’m getting itchy to hit the road and come play a few of ’em for you and see what you think. But first I have to ask a very important question: Which of the two tour tee designs above should I bring on the road with me?

It seems a little hard to believe, but this month is the 10-year anniversary of the release of my EP Black Out the Blue. In celebration my talented designer Jason has revamped the tee that premiered at the same time, with lyrics from the song Perfect For Me: ‘Your OCD annoys my ADD’. We’ve also updated the tee that came out with the Bad Decision album (Every Great Story Starts with a Bad Decision) because it sold out quick-like and some of y’all have requested its return.

So. I think it’s only fair to let you pick the next tee. If you’d like to have a say, you can message me here via the contact form at the website and write either ‘OCD’ or ‘BAD DECISION’. I’ll be accepting votes through Friday, March 13th. I’ve put out similar polls via social media, and have tallied all those votes already, so I’ll add the votes in reply to this post, and whichever shirt has the most votes will be printed. TAH-DAH! Democracy in action. Will let y’all know which tee came out on top shortly via social media, and in the next newsletter a little later on.


Ooh, and if you happen to be in Texas and want to catch a show, head to the website for upcoming dates. Everybody else – hang tight and don’t forget to wash your hands.

PS – if the bi-monthly frequency of this newsletter ain’t cutting it for you, you can always keep in touch via FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Procrastination, after all, is more fun as a team sport ;)

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