The new tees are here!

Dear fellow shut-ins,

Remember back a couple months ago when I asked you to vote on which of two t-shirt designs you liked best? Remember how I said the results were so close that I decided to have both printed? Well guess what – the tees have arrived! Both of the shirts you see above are now available in my online store, in both Unisex and Women’s sizes. Originally I wasn’t planning to make these available until the summer tour, but – uh – yeah. I’m really happy with how they turned out. If you’d like to snag one of these super-soft, ultra comfy and fabulously stylish tees for your very own, have at it!

Also of note – the 3rd episode of Roxi’s ‘Rona Restorative will air this Tuesday night via Facebook Live at 7pm Central on my Facebook page here. The theme will be ‘Bad Decisions’ (you knew that one was coming eventually). For those who didn’t catch the first two episodes – Roxi’s ‘Rona Restorative is a little 20 to 25-minute show comprised of a few songs, some hopefully witty banter, a lot of wine, and a little Q & A. If you tune in live, you can post comments and I can see them during the show. If you can’t tune in live, don’t worry – I’ll post the video once the show is over so you can catch the replay.

Miss y’all, hope to *see* you Tuesday night!


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