So many miles, so many shows…

Hi! And welcome to the August 2019 edition of Roxi’s Official Newsletter. (I feel like the capitalization gives it a bit more pizzazz). A very special welcome to all the new folks on the email list who joined at one of the recent Lullabies for the Worldly-Wise Tour shows in Kansas, Iowa, Texas and Nebraska. I’m glad you’re here!

A few numbers from the tour, just for fun:

  • Number of shows: 12
  • Number of miles driven: 2,700
  • Number of dogs I made friends with: 7
  • Number of inquisitive chickens met: 1 (Seriously, I have this video to prove it) 
  • Gallons of coffee consumed: 84 (I mean, give or take a few).

So – yeah. Thank you so very much to everyone who came out to a show, bought a tee-shirt or a vinyl, or put some money in the tip jar. You’re the reason I’m able to write and play music for a living, and I’m grateful for that every single day. If you’d like to see more pictures from the tour, head to my instagram account (who knows, there may even be a picture of you!) Speaking of which, if you have pictures or video from the tour that you’d like to share, feel free to reply to this email with your goodies. I’ll post a few of my favorites on social media (and to everyone who’s already shared media from the shows – thanks!)

Now that I’m back home in Austin, I’ve got a full roster of fall shows lined up here in Texas. I’m hoping to make some time to do a little songwriting as well. Gettin’ kinda itchy in that department.

Wish me luck.


Do you listen to music on Spotify? Come find me! Stream some songs and if you’re feeling brave hit the ‘Follow’ button. Thinkin’ I might even get all adventurous and post a playlist soon-like…

A short video from tour, featuring the fine folks of Des Moines, Iowa. I asked the audience if they’d send a shout-out to my husband (and former Iowan) Scott – he couldn’t come on this tour with me but he very much wanted to be there with us at Captain Roy’s.

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