My flight with Chuck Wicks

Most of you know I travel pretty frequently while doing this music thing. Fortunately, I love to travel. And I also love running into a variety of interesting people while on said travels. Yesterday I hopped a flight which took me from Seattle to Minneapolis, then from Minneapolis to Des Moines, Iowa. As we were taking off the guy in the seat next to me was arguing with someone on his cell about a rehearsal, and I thought ‘neat -a fellow musician!’ I proceeded to ask him what he played, at which point he introduced himself as Chuck Wicks. Which sounded vaguely familiar, but didn’t really ring any bells until he started to tell me the names of a couple of his recent hits, which include ‘Stealing Cinderella’ & ‘Hold That Thought’. I’m not a huge country connoisseur, but I’ve definitely heard those tunes on the radio. We chatted about hunting (he insisted on showing my an iphone video of his latest whitetail kill), the music biz & who has the cutest dog (I do, obviously, although his spaniel comes in a close second). If you’re a country fan, I recommend checking out his stuff. And I promised Chuck I’d put in a plug for his latest video promoting his new single, entitled ‘Old School’, so I’m about to do just that. If you’ve got a minute & want to help out a fellow singer-songwriter, head to & put in a vote for ‘Old School’ – it’s at #12 right now on the Great American Country chart & he’s hoping to head up to #1. Best of luck Chuck!

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