Last Call for Summer House Concerts

I know. Life can get hectic sometimes, and even with the best of intentions, we forget things. A number of you have emailed/Facebook messaged/tweeted at me that you forgot to order Bad Decision during the Pre-Order in March, and asked how to get your hands on a copy now that the Pre-Order’s over.

It’s ok. I still love you, and there’s no need to stress. The official release date of Bad Decision is exactly one month from today, on June 16th. Come on out to one of the Bad Decision Tour shows and pick up a copy, or six. Starting June 16th, you’ll also be able to order whatever version you prefer (digital, CD or fancy-pants vinyl) online at my web store as well. Thanks again to all those who pre-ordered the album. If you ordered a CD, t-shirt, poster, or lyrics, you should have received your goodies by now. Vinyl went in the mail last week – it’ll be arriving this week and next. Also, don’t forget: If you haven’t downloaded the digital copy that came with your Pre-Order, please make sure to do that by Thursday, May 18th. In getting ready for the official release date, I’ll be switching the store over from Pre-Order mode to release mode. At that point, Pre-Order downloads will disappear.

Bad Decision Tour

The Bad Decision Tour is shaping up nicely with shows all over the Midwest. I’m adding new dates often, so make sure to check in at for the latest updates. Current list of public performance dates below:

6/21 Peace Tree Brewery, Des Moines, IA
6/23 (The Original) Peace Tree Brewery, Knoxville, IA
6/24 Wide River Winery, Davenport, IA
7/5 Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI
7/7 (The Other) Wide River Winery, Le Claire, IA
7/8 Prairie Canary, Grinnell, IA
7/11 The InterUrban ArtHouse, Kansas City, KS
7/12 The Kettle, Beloit, KS
8/17 Jazz in the Park, Milwaukee, WI
8/25 The Alexander Recording Kompany, Ames, IA

Where’s my city?

Don’t see your hometown on the list? Not to worry, there’s still time to host a House Concert, a custom event just for you and your favorite peeps. Here’s the scoop: You invite your friends and family (well, if you don’t like your family you totally don’t have to invite them, but you get the point) over for some food, fun and music. At a prearranged time during your shindig, I’ll play a show for about an hour or so. I don’t need a lot of space. The fact that I’m only a few feet away from all of you is what makes this such a unique experience for everyone involved. I’ve played house concerts from Oregon to Ohio and Minnesota to Mississippi. I’ve played them in living rooms, on back decks, in backyards, on patios, in parks, on golf courses, in community centers, and more. Honestly, anywhere there’s a couple of power outlets and some people who love live music works fantastically. Have keyboard, will travel. That’s kinda my thing. All sorts of information for those considering hosting a house concert can be found at my website right here. This is the last chance to book if you’re interested in hosting sometime this summer, so if you’re on the fence, drop a line by replying to this email and I’ll send you over a handy-dandy brochure with a lot of very useful information and let you know what dates I might be able to be in your area and we can take it from there. Don’t worry if you’re outside the Midwest – I often book pretty far out and I’m always pondering where to route future tours, so even if we can’t make something work this summer, we might be able to set something up for later in the year, or further on down the line.

Last but not least: I’d like to say thanks to all the truly awesome radio stations that have already starting spinning Bad Decision, including WMSE & WAWM in Milwaukee..

…As well as WYTX in Rock Hill, SC. KFMG in Des Moines. Wrecking Ball Radio in Chapel Hill, NC. Y’all are the best!

Cheers, and I hope to see many of you this summer!

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