How does an intimate concert for you and up to 100 of your favorite people sound?

Intrigued? Read on, dear reader.

How House Concerts Work: You invite your friends and family (well, if you don’t like your family you totally don’t have to invite them, but you get the point) over for some food, fun and music. You can provide dinner. You can do a potluck style meal. You can just have some fun snacks for a later evening event. You can tell your friends to bring the snacks – whatever your personal style is. First, we all hang out for a bit – then I’ll play about an hour or so show. I don’t need a lot of space. The fact that I’m only a few feet away from all of you is what makes this such a unique experience for everyone involved. After the show, we all hang out again and enjoy ourselves.

Pretty sure we got that living room in Gervais, OR to capacity!
Pretty sure we got that living room in Gervais, OR to capacity!

Reasons To Have A House Concert: You like my music. Your significant other likes my music. You like having people over. Your brother is turning 40. Your Dad’s retiring. You have an annual backyard BBQ or holiday party and you think adding a concert portion to the evening would be all kinds of awesome. Your bestie is a fan and you want to surprise her. Your favorite team just won the Superbowl. Girls’ Night. You got a promotion and want to invite your friends over to celebrate. The reasons to host a house concert are endless.

Reasons I play House Concerts: House concerts are where fans turn into friends. Honestly some of my favorite performances have been in small, intimate spaces – making music is a very personal thing for me, and being able to talk and hang out with the people I’m performing for is wonderful. I love meeting people on the road, and I’m thankful that so many of you have opened your hearts and your homes to my music. I play more and more of these events every year, and I love to do them.

House Concerts have been known to lead to customized Roxi Fan licence plates!
House Concerts have been known to lead to customized Roxi Fan licence plates!

Where to host a House Concert: I’ve played house concerts from Oregon to Ohio and Minnesota to Mississippi. I’ve played them in living rooms, on back decks, in back yards, on patios, in parks, on golf courses, in community centers, and more. Honestly, anywhere there are a couple of power outlets and some people who want live music works fantastically.

Two friends even turned their pole-dancing instructor's studio and turned the place into a night club for the evening!
Two friends even turned their pole-dancing instructor’s studio into a night club for the evening!

What about the money bit? You may be thinking that this all sounds like a great time, but what does it cost? There are several options available:

  1. You can cover the concert in one lump sum (a ‘guarantee’.) Your friends get to come to a free concert and rave about how you’re the coolest guy/gal in the neighborhood for years to come.
  2. You can ‘go in’ on a concert with one or more friends. These are great too – I’ve played a number of house concerts where two or more friends split the guarantee and put on the house concert together. That way it costs less per host, AND there are more people to help put the event on.
  3. You can have a donations-based concert, where the host doesn’t pay anything. Instead, everyone who comes to the house concert donates whatever amount they feel moved to after the performance.

I’ve worked with hosts across the US planning concerts all three ways and they all work – I’ll be happy to tailor the event to your needs. If you’d prefer to go the guarantee route, cost for a particular event is based on a couple factors: how far off my tour path your place is, and night of the week you wish to host.

In Sum: your house + your friends + food + live music = a truly awesome time to be had by all. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! Together, we’ll choose a date that works with my tour routing and your schedule. Click here to contact me, and we’ll get the conversation started.