Hooray for the Holidays

Ahhh, December. I hope you’re all taking a few minutes away from the craziness of this holiday season to enjoy the little things in life. Speaking of enjoying the little things, my dog is currently snoring on my lap (which is making typing a bit of a challenge), but she’s a fabulous, furry little space heater, so I’ll struggle through.

I should probably tell you a bit of what I’ve been up to this month:

Working on the New Solo Piano/Vocal Album: The music is finished. El fin. Finito. You get the picture. Now we’ve set to work on the design part, and the manufacturing part, and the licensing part –while not nearly as exciting, it must all be done before I can get a copy to your hot little hands. I am so excited to share this new record with you! Will give another progress update in January.

Booking a few dates in February: I have a confession. I go a little stir-crazy any time I take a couple months away from playing live shows in order to write and/or work on an album. So I’m hitting the road for just a few shows in February – I’ll be heading to the Midwest, and playing several shows in the Pacific Northwest as well. Today I’m announcing the first two dates:

  • Feb. 2nd in Portland, OR: The Camellia Lounge. 8pm show. $5 cover, 21+
  • Feb. 17th in Des Moines, IA: The Temple Theater as part of the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines’ ‘Lunch Unplugged’ Series. Show at noon, $8 ticket (or $15 if you’d like lunch included – more details to come on this date).

Speaking of Iowa, in case you missed them here are a couple fabulous articles from the Examiner, which did an interview as well as a review of my Secret Fan Appreciation show in Des Moines in November.

Learning to ski: I’ve decided that since I’m living in Vancouver, BC, there is simply no longer any excuse for me NOT to learn. I’ve been snowboarding for years, but it turns out skiing is different. Starting with the fact that you have to control two boards at the same time (seems excessive to a former snowboarder, I can assure you). See the pic below, taken literally a few hours ago at the end of my second ski lesson. If it has to be winter, I’m going to make the best of it, damnit.

One last little thing: If you’re planning on giving the gift of awesome independent music for the holidays (and really, why wouldn’t you want to do that?), then head to the roxicopland.com online store. But make sure to get your order in by midnight THIS FRIDAY, Dec. 9th. After that I can’t make any guarantees that orders will get to you by Christmas, and I would be totally sad if they didn’t.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I wish you & yours the happiest of holidays. Thank you so much for your support throughout 2011 – I feel so privileged to be able to continue to make music for you.



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