‘Daddy Don’t Do Politics’ out TODAY

Happy new song release day! Daddy Don’t Do Politics is officially out and available to purchase and stream damn near everywhere. 

You can download Daddy Don’t Do Politics from my website for $1 in any format you wish (lossless, wav, mp3, you name ‘er, we got ‘er) right HERE.

You can stream it on Spotify HERE.

You can buy or stream it on Apple Music HERE.

You can buy or stream it on Amazon Music HERE.

If there’s another place you get music, it’s probably there, too. Just a heads up that Daddy Don’t Do Politics is a digital single, which means that if you’re looking for something tangible like a CD or a vinyl, you’ll have to wait until the full EP comes out next year.

If you need a little convincing, here’s some nice people sayin’ nice things about the new tune:

Roxi Copland’s new song ‘Daddy Don’t Do Politics’ demonstrates Copland’s consistently skillful and clever songwriting, the ear-pleasing timbre of her voice, and the instrumentation of some of the best backing musicians on the current music scene. – Sonia, Blues Drive, WMSE (Milwaukee, WI)

KFMG added this immediately…’Daddy Don’t Do Politics’ is a stellar song with an accurate eye on our world. – Gary Monte, Station Manager, KFMG (Des Moines, IA)

Over a walking bass line, sprightly banjo strums and snappy drums, Copland tells of a fellow suffering some self-delusion as a purported self-made man who espouses conservatism, though not flagrantly so. One need not stand on her side of the aisle to appreciate Copland’s lyrical wit… – Milwaukee Shepherd Express

Big thanks to everyone who helped me bring this song to life: Devin North on bass, Adam Nurre on drums, James Bookert on banjo, my co-producer Justin Douglas on acoustic guitar and all things engineering, Jason Brawn for the cover art and all things design-related, and Steve Capp for mixing, mastering and for not even once firing me during said mixing and mastering even though I definitely had it coming.

Hope you enjoy the new tune. And please, please, please – don’t forget to vote.

much love,


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