50% off for 48 hours, starting…now.

Hoo boy.  I don’t know about y’all, but I’m beyond ready to say goodbye to 2020. But since I didn’t get to tour this year due to – well, you know – I’ve still got a whole mess of tour tees, albums and vinyl in my merch closet. Which won’t do because…*drumroll*….I’ve got a new EP comin’ out in 2021!

I spent a good chunk of the last few months holed up in a studio here in Austin, Texas, bringing new songs to life with the help of some very talented friends. Last week I sent the tunes off to be mixed and mastered, which is the next step in the very long process of creating an album. SO! Bottom line – I need to make some room in my merch closet, quick-like.

And that, dear reader, is where you come in. For the first time ever I’m offering 50% off everything in my store. Yes, everything. Tour tees. Handwritten lyrics (see above). CDs. Digital downloads. And VINYL, BABY! So, for example, a Bad Decision vinyl or tour tee that normally costs $25 will be just $12.50. And vintage tour tees – which were already on sale for $10 – are now just five bucks. You get the idea.

And just to add a little extra incentive – if you’re one of the first 10 folks to order physical merchandise (so basically anything other than digital downloads), I’ll mail you a personal holiday card. Just my way of saying thanks for supporting independent music during this crazy time.

Here’s how to get the 50% discount: Go to my webstore. Put some things you want in the cart. There will be a button you can click that says ‘Discount’. Click that button and type in *Hidden – code is only for newsletter subscribers. Whaddya mean you’re not on the list? Not to worry, you can sign up here at the website!* Hit ‘Apply’. Ta-dah! 50% off. Just like that. One quick note – this sale is only good for 48 hours – the code will stop working at 2:30 pm this Monday, Dec. 14th.

This is my way of saying thanks to all of you for being part of this newsletter list. I miss your faces and I can’t wait to play live for you again in 2021.

here’s to a better year,


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