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Happy weekend!

It seems like only yesterday we were digging our shorts and swimsuits out of storage, looking forward to warmer weather, but here we sit on the precipice of fall. I know some of you think fall’s the greatest thing ever (football! pumpkin everything! itchy sweaters!) but personally, I plan on clinging to the last few weeks of summer as tenaciously as possible. Mainly because dragging out my fall wardrobe smacks of effort.

Speaking of effort – (dragging a keyboard about in 90+ degree weather totally counts) – I dropped by the AM1050 studios in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin recently to share some songs and regale them with tales of the road (and other quasi-appropriate subjects). The Guaranteed Raw Radio crew was nice enough to take a video of me performing a new song (!), which I now get to share with you. It’s called ‘Bad Decision’. Feel free to hit the like button, share with fellow music-loving sorts, etc.

Upcoming Show: Milwaukee! This one’s for you. I’ll be playing the baby grand at the Monarch Lounge in the Milwaukee Hilton tonight, August 27th, starting at 8pm. There’s no cover.

Thanks are in order: To Monica & Rob and Jerry & Kathy for hosting a couple of truly fun house/birthday concerts last week. Also to Kirby and crew for the amazing card, y’all are fantastic.

Notes on Recording: I’m currently plotting a few more days of recording in Iowa in September. Attempting to pin down a dozen musicians and other assorted creative sorts for the same dates is kinda like herding cats, but we’ll get ‘er done.

Pics from the road:


In non-music news, we got a puppy. Specifically, a french bulldog puppy that we’ve named Haggis McHound.


Sound check just before performing at a Better Homes & Gardens event last week in the East Village of Des Moines.

talk soon,


ps – for lots more pics of our new puppy Haggis and the recent sojourn to Iowa, head to my instagram.

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