Gifts for Music Lovers


You want to be unique. You want to buy independent. You want to gift something meaningful. Giving your supercool niece or nephew a Taylor Swift CD is just not going to cut it. So what’s a determined gift giver to do?

I’ve got you covered. Give ’em the gift of independent music. You get to be cool because you personally know the artist. They get to tell all their friends that their Mom/Dad/Grandma Mary/Uncle Nathan knows the artist. And they get to use every music snob’s favorite line: ‘oh, yeah, this is a Roxi Copland album. She’s an indie artist, you’ve probably never heard of her.’

Things you can currently get your paws at my online store: Albums. Limited edition tour posters (there are 12 of those left). Digital downloads. And an appropriately-titled “I Want It All’ package for $25 that includes damn near everything I’ve released thus far – I will lovingly pack up and mail your musical goodies to the deserving recipient, and I’ll happily sign both posters and albums (just include a note when you’re checking out of the store, saying ‘Please sign to Desiree’ or whomever else your little heart desires.)

There is a really good chance that if you order by, say, December 16th, your albums will make it safe and sound by Christmas. But no matter how late you place your order, I’ll do my best to get it to you posthaste, and will notify you the moment it’s shipped from Santa’s workshop (aka my studio. I’m planning on dressing my two dogs as elves. It’s gonna be great.) So what are you waiting for? Let the shopping begin!

Final shows of the year:

It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is rapidly drawing to an end. I’ll be staying close to home for my final two public performances of the year – both are in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the Monarch Lounge, located in the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. For details, head here.

Progress on the new album:

We’re wrapping up the mixing and mastering on the new record, and starting in on the design side of things. My creative director (that’s what he calls himself, I prefer guy-who-makes-me-look-good) flies into Milwaukee next week for the photo shoot. Hooray!

For Spotify Fans:

 Check out Midwest Living Magazine’s recent ‘Music We Love’ playlist. They’ve included a couple of my songs, and I’m honored to be representing Wisconsin along with fellow Wisconsin musicians Bon Iver & PHOX.


And just for fun: 

My in-laws sent the cutest little lighted tree and I adore it. Have named him Francisco.



Happy holidays, may the love and laughter at your house be legion.


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