Calling All Iowans


Hey there Iowans!

I hope you’re enjoying the summer. I’m writing to let you know that I’ll be coming to your great state in mid-August to play a couple of private events, so I’ve decided to open up a few dates while I’m there for house concerts.

What’s a House Concert? How Do They Work?

Here’s the scoop: You invite your friends and family (well, if you don’t like your family you totally don’t have to invite them, but you get the point) over for some food, fun and music. At a prearranged time during your shindig, I’ll play a show for about an hour or so. I don’t need a lot of space. The fact that I’m only a few feet away from all of you is what makes this such a unique experience for everyone involved.

So…like…could I host one in my house? On my back deck? At the local park?

Yes. Yes you could. I’ve played house concerts from Oregon to Ohio and Minnesota to Mississippi. I’ve played them in living rooms, on back decks, in back yards, on patios, in parks, on golf courses, in community centers, and more. Honestly, anywhere there’s a couple of power outlets and some people who love live music works fantastically.

This all sounds like fun – I’d like more info!

Perfect. I’ve got all sorts of information for those considering hosting a house concert at my website right here.

So what dates do you have available while in Iowa?

Thursday, August 18th
Saturday, August 20th
Sunday, August 21st

What should I do if I’m interested in hosting one of those dates?

First, read through the info at my website. If that all sounds lovely, send a note to me via my contact form and let me know what date you’re interested in, and then, we’ll get a conversation going about putting together a truly fabulous house concert that’ll have your neighbors talking about how cool you are for years to come.

A couple photos from past house concerts in Iowa:

This one’s from Kirby’s Famous Backyard House Concert Bash in Des Moines: Folks grabbing a seat prior to the concert part of the evening. Kirby’s made this an annual thing – each year there are more people (and more BBQ!)


And from a back deck in Davenport: These hosts set up a gorgeous space on the deck in their backyard, which surrounds the first winery founded in the state (1868). Pretty cool.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

PS – The dates above are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you’ve got your heart set on a particular date, please get in touch with me as soon as possible so I can reserve it for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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